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The Series PMT2 Particulate Transmitter is designed to measure particulate emission levels from dust collector discharge. Using DC coupled electrostatic induction sensing technology, the transmitter monitors a pA current that is generated as particulate passes near the probe; a 4 to 20 mA signal will vary based on the particulate level. The PMT2 offers 6 sensitivity ranges allowing the user to choose the range that will best fit the application. The range and test selector switch can also be set to output a 4 mA or 20 mA signal to assist with set up or trouble shooting. Averaging time setting can be used to dampen the signal if desired.



Service:Air and compatible gases, any type of particulate conductive or nonconductive.
Wetted Materials:316L SS, silicone, and PTFE.
Enclosure:Powder coated aluminum.
Accuracy:±5% of reading.
Particulate Size:0.3 microns and higher.
Detection Range:5 to 5000 pA (6 selectable range options).
Temperature Limits:Ambient: -40 to 145°F (-40 to 63°C); Process: -40 to 248°F (-40 to 120°C).
Pressure Limit:30 psi (2 bar).
Output Signal:4 to 20 mA.
Power Requirements:12 to 28 VDC.
Electrical Connection:Two 1/2″ female NPT conduit openings.
Terminal Block:Removable (16 to 20 AWG wire).
Process Connection:See model chart on catalog page.
Probe Lengths:See model chart on catalog page.
Enclosure Rating:Type 4 (IP66).
Mounting Orientation:Any.
Averaging Time:1 to 360 s (10 selectable options).
Weight:Varies with length of probe and type of mount



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